TeachingWorks continues to partner with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) to develop a thematic strand for the AACTE annual meeting.

In this year’s AACTE Preparing Teachers for Practice strand, we focus closely on the intersection of teaching practice and equity. Each talk will center on one high-leverage practice and will investigate and illuminate the enactment of the practice, and the ways in which issues of equity and inclusion are fundamental to the practice itself. Building out from the careful definition of the practice, each speaker will examine core dilemmas inherent in the work of enacting the practice with students and content. In so doing we will, together, make visible the ways in which equity issues play out inside of each of the high-leverage practices.

The AACTE Annual Meeting is in Tampa, Florida, March 2 – 4, 2017. Information on major forums, concurrent sessions, and events associated with the 2017 strand can be found here. For more detailed information on the Annual Meeting, visit www.aacte.org. If you are interested in participating in the strand, please email info@teachingworks.org.

For more information on the 2017 Annual Meeting and past strands, please click on the year selection in the menu on the right.