TeachingWorks offers several training opportunities for professionals who are responsible for preparing, supporting, and evaluating teachers.

These include professional development for classroom teachers who work in clinical settings with student teachers, for teacher educators who work in any kind of teacher training or professional development setting, and for university faculty members in disciplinary departments. TeachingWorks also offers consulting services, both in-house and onsite, for teams and individuals who seek to implement significant changes in their own programs of teacher training, development, or evaluation. Several training opportunities, including the seminar series and our summer laboratory classes, are also appropriate for policy-makers, journalists, and others in the education community.

TeachingWorks is offering several training opportunities during 2013-2014:

A live-streamed seminar series titled “Teaching Teachers Roundtable: Preparing Teachers to Use High-Leverage Practices”
Summer laboratory classes in which we engage a wide variety of education professionals in the collective study of high-leverage teaching practices through live observation classroom instruction
A curriculum package focused on the use of rehearsals and coaching in initial teacher training; the package includes videos, lesson plans, and other materials that illustrate this approach to practice-focused teacher training
A special strand of the annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) titled “Preparing Teachers for Practice”