The 2013-2014 TeachingWorks streaming seminar series continues its focus on a central challenge of practice-focused teacher education–the problem of designing training that supports beginning teachers in enacting specific teaching practices. The series will follow the roundtable format introduced last year, and will feature the work of teacher educators to train novice teachers on three additional  high leverage practices.

2013-2014 Seminar Series
Teaching Teachers Roundtable:
Preparing Teachers to Use High-Leverage Practices

The series will continue to focus on methods of training new teachers in three specific high-leverage practices: implementing organizational routines, procedures, and strategies to support a learning environment; communicating about a student with a parent or guardian; and making content explicit through explanation, modeling, representations, and examples.  Each seminar will include presentations from three teacher educators who will describe how they build capacity in beginning teachers on a specific practice.  

Speakers will discuss how they prepare new teachers to use the high-leverage practice in question, share video examples or other materials from their own work, and analyze the affordances and drawbacks of their methods. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about each approach and to discuss the similarities and differences across the methods that are shared in each roundtable. Participants may attend the seminar in person at the University of Michigan School of Education or view the live event on the TeachingWorks website.