Introduction to Practice-Based Teacher Education 

Intended for: Individual teacher educators or groups of teacher educators

Format: webinar; customized versions also offered on-site at participants’ campuses

This three-hour workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to practice-based teacher education (PBTE). It introduces the TeachingWorks Critical Features of Practice-Based Teacher Education and helps participants become familiar with the TeachingWorks high-leverage practices and with a variety of practice-based pedagogies of teacher education (e.g., video analysis, rehearsal, simulated student interactions). It also includes a brief introduction to the TeachingWorks Resource Library, and participants will leave the workshop equipped to select resources in the library in their own teaching or program design work.

Practice-Based Teacher Education Workshop

Intended for: individual teacher educators new or relatively new to practices-based teacher education

Format: in-person; Ann Arbor, MI. July 8-10, 2019. Register here

Length: 3 days

We offer an annual three-day workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan designed to introduce teacher educators thoroughly to practice-based teacher education and give them the tools to try out practice-based approaches in their own courses and programs.

Introduction to Eliciting and Interpreting Individual Student's Thinking, a Foundational High-Leverage Practice 

Intended for: groups of teacher educators affiliated with a teacher education program interested in exploring practice-based teacher education in depth and considering a deeper engagement with TeachingWorks

Format: in-person; on participants’ own campus or office

Length: 1 day or two ½ days

Are you a dean, department chair, program director, or instructor interested in participating in a TeachingWorks program network or bringing TeachingWorks to your program for customized professional learning opportunities? Are you wondering what it would be like to work us on a more extended basis? Our day-long workshop on teaching Eliciting and interpreting student thinking to novice teachers provides an extended introduction to this foundational high-leverage practice and to TeachingWorks and what it is like to partner with us. Participants will learn about the TeachingWorks high-leverage practices in general and about how we define, decompose, and help novices learn this practice in particular. They will have opportunities to see examples of this practice in action in K-12 classrooms and to discuss its relationship to the pursuit of equitable educational opportunities. In addition, they learn about strategies for teaching this practice to novices, have the opportunity to practice one or more of these strategies with the support of TeachingWorks staff members, and will leave the workshop with instructional materials to use in their own teaching.

Costs for each service will be determined upon request. Are you a teacher educator interested in participating in an introductory program with TeachingWorks? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.