In July 2020, TeachingWorks welcomed our inaugural cohort of fellows in our new certificate in practice-based approaches to methods course instruction in teacher education, designed for content methods instructors in teacher education programs. Across the 18-month learning sequnce, we will support fellows to:

  • Build facility with practice-based approaches for preparing new teachers such as video analysis and rehearsal that intertwine content knowledge, teaching practice, and attending to issues of justice.
  • Develop competence and confidence in preparing new teachers who understand systemic inequity and who seek to use their teaching practice to disrupt patterns of injustice in classrooms, support bilingual students, and deliver culturally responsive instruction
  • Collaborate with a powerful network of teacher educators who understand their role in supporting excellent beginning teaching in U.S. classrooms and are committed to continuously improving the instructional practice of their teacher candidates by first improving their own practice.

Read more about the 2020 certificate learning sequence cohort in the infographic above. Stay with TeachingWorks as we provide more updates about the progression of learning sequence throughout the academic year.