Rising to the Occasion:

Maintaining our Commitment to Teaching and Teacher Preparation that Disrupts Injustice 

The unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic in America is drastically affecting our young people’s education. As our nation’s schools, school districts, and teacher preparation programs work to adapt to these challenging contexts for public education, the longstanding deep inequities in educational opportunity and quality are being reinforced. Many children, especially children of color and children living in low-income communities, are now unable to access public education because of their uneven access to reliable internet and technology resources.  Closing the digital learning divide is necessary for ensuring children everywhere have access to public education.  But internet access alone is insufficient for ensuring they will receive quality instruction.  Nor will engaging in teaching and learning online eliminate the risk of children experiencing the patterns of injustice that play out regularly in face-to-face instruction.

The acute needs that schools, teachers, and teacher educators have to organize virtual learning for children and teacher candidates make the work of teaching and teacher preparation more challenging than ever. But we must rise to the occasion to strengthen and extend our commitment to developing teaching and teacher preparation that disrupts injustice. This is ongoing work; the increase in remote teaching and learning calls upon us to stretch that work into new spaces and modes. Teaching that supports young people’s learning and anticipates and intervenes on patterns of inequity is always imperative; support for teachers to learn collectively what that takes in these new circumstances is crucial.

In that spirit, we invite you to join us July 20 - August 5  at the TeachingWorks Virtual Summer Institute,  a multi-offering program for teachers and teacher educators to engage in a virtual professional learning community to build vision and skill for teaching and teacher education practice that advances justice, both online and face-to-face.

How it Works

The institute is composed of three week-long strands:

  • July 20 – 24: Virtual K-12 Laboratory Classes and Professional Learning Workshops
  • July 28 – August 1: Virtual Teacher Educator & Teacher Leader Professional Learning Workshops
  • August 3 – 5: Virtual Practice-Based Teacher Education Workshop

Each strand will provide participants with opportunities to focus on practice and how it can advance justice and equity. Some workshops will focus on the complexities of teaching and learning, while others will center on the practices of teacher education, professional development, and school leadership that support teachers’ development through a focus on high-leverage practices and practice-based teacher education pedagogies. Participants will gain practical strategies, tangible resources, and hands-on experience in using teaching to disrupt patterns of injustice and exclusion in classrooms or in online environments. Participants may choose to participate in one, two, or all three strands of the summer institute.

Registration Payment Information

No one who is unable to pay the registration fee will be turned away from joining the virtual summer institute. We know that solidarity requires collective action, and collective action requires that as many of us are on the ground working together to advance this work as possible. We do not want financial barriers to prevent anyone from accessing the program. If you need, please use promo code TWNEEDSU at checkout on Canvas Catalog to register for free.

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