Your chance to work with us: TeachingWorks offers a variety of standardized and customized professional learning opportunities for practicing classroom teachers and teacher educators. 


For Practicing Teachers 

TeachingWorks offers professional development support, coaching, and workshops for teachers, schools, and school districts in learning and implementing the high-leverage practices in their own settings. We also support collaboration between schools that host novice teachers for field placements and teacher education programs. 

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For Teacher Educators 

We help instructors in all kinds of teacher education programs learn to train novice teachers who will go on to help K-12 pupils reach ambitious learning goals and develop the ability to use what they learn for their own purposes and in pursuit of a more just society. By “teacher educators,” we mean not only instructors who are based inside of teacher education programs, but mentor or cooperating teachers who work primarily in K-12 schools. We support teacher educators in designing and implementing professional training for teachers that intertwines attention to high-leverage practices of teaching, challenging and powerful academic content and skills, and the pursuit of equitable learning opportunities for students. 

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