During the 2012 AACTE Annual Meeting (February 17-19, 2012), the focus of the Preparing Teachers for Practice strand was on elementary mathematics and secondary English Language Arts, the two subjects addressed in the new Common Core State Standards.

The 2012 strand included the following preconference workshops, major forums, and concurrent sessions, presented by expert teacher educators and researchers.

Preparing Skillful Beginning Teachers of Elementary Mathematics
Participants learned how to implement specific strategies for preparing candidates to teach elementary mathematics. Strategies included designing and implementing instructional activities focused on specific instructional practices.
Presenters: Deborah Ball, Laurie Sleep, and Timothy Boerst, University of Michigan

Making High-Leverage Practices in Secondary English Language Arts the Focus of Methods Courses
Participants learned how to implement specific strategies for preparing candidates to teach secondary English language arts.
Presenters: Pam Grossman, Lisa Barker, and Michelle Brown, Stanford University

Major Forum: Toward a More Practice-Based Preparation of Elementary Mathematics Teachers
A panel of leading experts discussed the current knowledge base on teaching and learning in elementary mathematics and implications for how preparation programs must change to align with the knowledge base.
Presenters: Deborah Ball, University of Michigan; Wade Boykin, Howard University; Megan Franke, University of California Los Angeles; and Elham Kazemi, University of Washington

Reimagining Elementary Teacher Education
Participants learned how the University of Michigan redesigned its elementary teacher education program to be oriented around practice, the specialized knowledge needed for teaching, and teachers’ ethical obligation to support all children’s learning.
Presenters: Elizabeth Davis and Timothy Boerst, University of Michigan

Showing, Not Telling: Using Video Records of Practice to Support Preservice English Teachers’ Enactments
This session addressed results from a qualitative study of one higher-impact English teacher working in a minority urban public school and how to help candidates develop similar instructional practices.
Presenter: Chandra Alston, University of Michigan

Over 200 people attended the workshops, forums, and sessions. TeachingWorks also hosted a reception for meeting attendees that drew more than 225 teacher educators and other stakeholders

For more information on the strand, please visit the AACTE strand webpage.