TeachingWorks provides a vision of the high-leverage practices through a video collection annotated to highlight the techniques and strategies that teachers employ to carry out the practices.

The High-Leverage Practices Video Exemplars Collection documents a range of mathematics and English Language Arts teachers whose practice TeachingWorks has chosen to exemplify the high-leverage practices in different forms and in different school contexts. This collection includes exemplars of high-leverage practices (HLPs) being enacted in real classroom settings. These videos are annotated to unpack the techniques and strategies used by the teacher. For example, in the video exemplars representing the high-leverage practice of establishing norms for classroom learning, we provide annotated illustrations of specific norms being established and the moves that the teacher is using in the video. This collection is part of a suite of materials and resources TeachingWorks is creating to contribute to enhanced professional development for both pre-service and practicing teachers.

This video collection is housed in the Teaching & Learning Exploratory (TLE). To subscribe to the TLE and access these videos, click here.