Customized Practice-Focused Professional Development

Intended for: Teachers 

Format: customizable (in-person or remote, or a combination)

Length: customizable

TeachingWorks provides workshops for teachers of any kind tailored to meet specific needs or interests. Our expertise is in supporting teachers to use high-leverage practices to provide ambitious and equitable learning opportunities for all students. We do this not only by helping teachers acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of high-leverage practices but by helping them through using practice-based pedagogies of teacher education such as rehearsal and use of video. 

Mentor Teacher Support Networks 

Intended for: Deans, department heads, district administrators, and teachers interested in cross-program improvement 

Format: in-person; onsite at a particular district or campus

Length: typically multi-year, but length varies; usually the process requires several weeks and multiple meetings of instructors and TeachingWorks staff members

Are you a district administrator interested in finding ways to better support communication and practice between mentor teachers in your school and teacher educators at your local university? Are you a chair of a teacher education program at a university interested in developing stronger communication with mentor teachers in your local school district? TeachingWorks supports collaborative efforts between teacher education programs at universities and mentor teachers to produce strategies that they can use to work synergistically across the university and in school settings to better support student teachers as they learn to teach. 

We currently offer a mentor teacher support network in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Sustained Practice-Focused Professional Development 

Intended for: Teacher educators interested in a long-term collaboration with TeachingWorks and with teacher educators in other programs

Format: usually a combination of in-person and remote work

Length: multi-year

Our most in-depth professional learning opportunities occur in our sustained professional learning communities. These are learning communities of 20 to 30 teachers from particular schools or school districts that collaborate with TeachingWorks and each other to learn and about and incorporate the high-leverage practices into their instruction. Our sustained professional development partnerships are multi-year engagements (generally 1-3 years) that allow us to offer deep and individualized support for long-lasting change, both in individual classrooms and across entire programs. The goal of these partnerships is to help participants firmly integrate a set of high-leverage practices into their programs, and develop systems and routines that will ensure ongoing learning and improvement in their programs, long after the partnership with TeachingWorks has ended.

In our professional learning communities, we collaborate with our partners to identify shared goals and a shared plan for the work, including professional learning experiences of the sort described above, in our introductory and skill-building programs.

We create and fund professional learning communities in different ways depending on the location and the origin and nature of participants’ interest. We currently have long-term professional development partnerships in West Michigan and in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Costs for each service will be determined upon request. Are you a teacher interested in participating in building or district support with TeachingWorks? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.