Introduction to the High-Leverage Practices 

Intended for: individual teachers or mentor teachers, or small groups of teachers or mentor teachers

Format: webinar; customized versions also offered on-site at participants’ campuses

This three-hour workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to the TeachingWorks high-leverage practices. It introduces the TeachingWorks core ideas for the work of teaching and helps participants become familiar with the TeachingWorks high-leverage practices. It also includes a brief introduction to the Teaching & Learning Exploratory. The Teaching and Learning Exploratory (TLE) features full-length K-12 classroom videos and curated collections of clips from over a thousand classroom sessions with integrated tools for interaction and exploration. 

Introduction to a Specific High-Leverage Practice 

Intended for: groups of teachers or mentor teachers affiliated with a building or district interested in exploring the high-leverage practices and/or practice-based mentoring in depth and considering a deeper engagement with TeachingWorks

Format: in-person; on participants’ own campus or office

Length: 1 day or two ½ days

Format & location: in person; dates and location to be determined upon request 

Are you a district administrator, school leader, or instructor interested in a TeachingWorks building or district support opportunity or bringing TeachingWorks to your program for customized professional learning opportunities? Are you wondering what it would be like to work us on a more extended basis? A day-long workshop with us introducing how to implement a high-leverage practice of your choosing with students provides an extended introduction to TeachingWorks and what it is like to partner with us. Participants will learn about the TeachingWorks high-leverage practices in general and about how we define, decompose, and learn this practice in particular. They will have opportunities to see examples of the practice you choose in action in K-12 classrooms and to discuss its relationship to the pursuit of equitable educational opportunities. 

Practice-Based Mentoring Workshop

Intended for: individual mentor teachers or groups of mentor teachers new or relatively new to practice based strategies for supporting novice teachers in field placement

Format: in person; dates location to be determined based on the needs of those interested

Length: 2 or 3 days

This three-day workshop is designed to introduce mentor teachers thoroughly to practice-based strategies for supporting novice teachers in field placements. 

Costs for each service will be determined upon request. Are you a teacher, mentor teacher, school leader, or administrator interested in participating in an introductory program with TeachingWorks? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.