Practice-Based Pedagogy Workshops

These workshops cover the following: 
• Rehearsal
• Simulated Student Interaction
• Analyzing and interacting with classroom video or transcripts
• Designing and evaluating field assignments
• Cooperating/mentor teacher pedagogies

Intended for: Individual teacher educators with some background in practice-based teacher education who are interested in developing or improving their skill at using a specific practice-based pedagogy of teacher education

Format: in-person; Ann Arbor, MI

Length: 2 1/2 days

Upcoming workshops: Dates to be announced. 

These intensive two-day workshops focus on building participants’ skills with designing and using a specific practice-based pedagogy of teacher education (each workshop focuses on one pedagogy). Workshops begin with a brief but comprehensive introduction to practice-based pedagogies in general, and then quickly zoom in on a specific pedagogy. Participants are introduced to the purposes, benefits of, and drawbacks to the pedagogy and learn how and when it might be useful. They have ample opportunity to study others using the pedagogy and to practice it themselves, using their fellow participants as “standardized students.” Time is allotted for participants to receive individualized support from TeachingWorks instructors on their own plans for using the pedagogy in their teaching, and each participant will also receive up to one hour of follow-up coaching and support from TeachingWorks in the semester in which the workshop takes place. These workshops are focused on using the pedagogy in question to teach a specific high-leverage practice or high-leverage practices, chosen because they can be taught effectively with the pedagogy in question. However, participants will learn skills that they can apply to the teaching of other high-leverage practices.

On-Site Coaching and Support

Intended for: individual teacher educators familiar with practice-based teacher education and implementing practice-based approaches in their own courses

Format: on-site at participants’ own campus

Length: customizable

We offer on-site observation, feedback, and coaching for individual teacher educators looking for individualized support in their teaching.

90-Minute Design Assistance Calls

Intended for: Individual teacher educators familiar with practices-based teacher education and implementing practice-based approaches in their own courses

Format: remote (Skype, phone, BlueJeans, Google Hangout, etc.)

Length: 90 minutes each

Are you a methods instructor looking for help deciding what high-leverage practices to prioritize in your course or using rehearsal to help your teacher candidates learn to lead whole-class discussions? Do you need assistance designing an assessment to measure your teacher candidates’ capability with eliciting and interpreting student thinking? In a 90-minute design assistance session, you will be paired with an experienced TeachingWorks specialist in your subject area who will work with you to design an instructional activity or assessment. Design assistance calls include one hour of your specialist’s time before the call during which the specialist will review any written material you provide him or her, and 30 minutes of your specialist’s time after the call, during which he or she will correspond with you about how things went once you tried out your new material.

Costs for each service will be determined upon request. Are you a teacher educator interested in participating in a coaching or skill-building opportunity with TeachingWorks? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.