The students in the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory (EML) attend a mathematics class taught by Dr. Deborah Loewenberg Ball in the morning, and continue their experience each afternoon with arts enrichment and individualized tutoring.  

The tutoring program matches EML elementary students with current University of Michigan students who have received training from TeachingWorks. These students are majoring in engineering, mathematics, or education and have an interest in learning and teaching mathematics, as well as working with local youth. This program offers a special opportunity for the learning of both the children and the university students.

Prior to each tutoring session, tutors are prepared to reinforce and review essential math skills and are given multiple strategies to reach students of varying levels, personalizing the instruction according to students’ individual needs. Following each tutoring session, the tutors meet with the tutoring program preceptor to debrief, share experiences with other tutors, and develop strategies for improvement. In addition, tutors attend two pre-brief sessions with Dr. Ball and observe the morning laboratory class twice to learn more about their particular students. Beyond reinforcing and building on the math studied in the morning class, one of the primary goals of the tutoring program is to develop mentor relationships between local elementary school students and University of Michigan students. Over the course of the program, tutors share their experiences at U-M, accompany the students on campus tours, engage with them in daily activities, and build friendships, while acting as a role model and mentor to provide additional support and encouragement.

If you are a University of Michigan student majoring in engineering, mathematics, or education and you are interested in being a tutor at the 2015 EML, click here for more information.