January 16, 2019: "Still not Justice"

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Beth Rubin
    Professor; Coordinator, Social Studies Education Program, Rutgers

About the Speakers

Beth Rubin

  • Professor; Coordinator, Social Studies Education Program, Rutgers

Professor at the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Beth C. Rubin usesschool-based, ethnographic study to explore how young people come to see themselves as citizens and as learners amidthe nested contexts of classroom, school, community and society, with particular attention to how civic identity takes shape within local contexts marked by historical and contemporary inequalities.She collaborates with educators to design and study curricular and pedagogical innovations, and develops approaches to teacher education that attend to this critical, sociocultural understanding of youth civic learning. Her work can be foundin theAmerican Educational Research Journal,Teachers College Record,Harvard Educational Review,Curriculum Inquiry,Theory Into Practice,The Urban Review,Social Education, theJournal of Teacher Educationand elsewhere; her most recent bookMaking Citizens: Transforming Civic Learning for Diverse Social Studies Classrooms(Routledge, 2012), is designed to help pre-and in-service social studies teachers integrate meaningful, critical civic learning into their practice. Current projects include Creating Civically Engaged Districts, a socially transformative design project integrating youth civic voice into school district practices; an investigation of civic and historical learning in intentionally integrated schools in countries experiencing conflict; and an edited book on design-based research in the social studies. Dr. Rubin’s research has been supported by the Spencer Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, CIRCLE, the Overbrook Foundation, among others.


TeachingWorks Streaming Seminar with Beth Rubin - January 16, 2019 from TeachingWorks at UMSOE on Vimeo.

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