Harnessing the power of teaching to create a more just society.

TeachingWorks designs resources and supports educators to enact equitable teaching practice that nurtures young people’s learning and actively disrupts patterns of injustice.

We design

practice-based approaches to preparing teachers for the complex work of teaching and of creating classrooms for justice, grounded in research at the University of Michigan School of Education.

We develop

practice-based learning opportunities to support educators to consistently enact commitments to teaching for justice through the content they teach, relationships they form, and the classroom communities they build.

We collaborate

with educators and advocates from across the globe who are committed to supporting teachers to foster learning and justice in the classroom through skillful practice.

How we work with you

3 ways to empower your practice

Our vision of creating a just society through the power of teaching requires collective work. We offer a variety of programs and services for teachers, K-12 schools, teacher educators, and teacher preparation providers seeking to empower their practice.

Online Programs

Online Programs

These low-to-no cost introductory courses for teachers and teacher educators across grade-levels and content areas explore high-leverage practices, practice-based teacher education pedagogies, and why they matter for teaching and for creating classrooms for justice.

Hybrid & In-Person Programs

Hybrid & In-Person Programs

We host a slate of workshops, laboratory classes, and seminars for teachers and teacher educators to watch, analyze, practice, and receive immediate feedback and support on the work of teaching and practice-based teacher education in real time.

Custom Programs

Custom Programs

As our most in-depth learning opportunity, we offer a menu of customizable, sustained, practice-focused partnerships for K-12 schools and districts, university and residency teacher preparation programs, and other education agencies.


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