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We partner with educators at every level to build teaching  and teacher education practice that nurtures learning and advances social justice. Our diverse program offerings support our important mission, providing  new opportunities for professional growth.

Meeting the unique learning requirements of today’s educators

TeachingWorks offers a robust catalog of courses and learning sets that provide both a theoretical foundation and hands-on learning for teachers and teacher educators. Courses span a wide array of topics and are presented in a variety of formats and times.

Online Programs

Online Programs

These low-to-no cost introductory courses for teachers and teacher educators across grade-levels and content areas explore high-leverage practices, practice-based teacher education pedagogies, and why they matter for teaching and for creating classrooms for justice.

Hybrid & In-Person Programs

Hybrid & In-Person Programs

We host a slate of workshops, laboratory classes, and seminars for teachers and teacher educators to watch, analyze, practice, and receive immediate feedback and support on the work of teaching and practice-based teacher education in real time.

Custom Programs

Custom Programs

As our most in-depth learning opportunity, we offer a menu of customizable, sustained, practice-focused partnerships for K-12 schools and districts, university and residency teacher preparation programs, and other education agencies.

Courses and learnings sets designed for all levels

From building expertise in specific high-leverage practices to developing teachers’ content knowledge to supporting educators as they work to promote equity and social justice in the classroom, TeachingWorks offers learning opportunities for all experience levels and subject needs.


For teachers and teacher educators who are unfamiliar with TeachingWorks, there are a variety of introductory courses designed to showcase how our approach works. These courses are typically online and require no prerequisites. Some are offered free of charge. They are the ideal launching pad for educators to begin their TeachingWorks journey.


Educators who have gained a solid footing in practice-based teacher education can choose from a range of courses to expand their knowledge and expertise. Whether through a workshop or seminar series, more advanced practitioners will find new and challenging approaches to extend their capabilities with content instruction and promoting equity.


TeachingWorks partners with educators in K-12 schools and teacher preparation programs to develop new practices or content based on specific needs. Such partnerships can take shape at the classroom, school, district, program, or college level. Learn more about our individual courses and register online via our simple course selection page.

Foster learning and create classrooms for social justice

At the heart of every course or learning opportunity in the TeachingWorks curriculum is our focus on disrupting patterns of injustice in schools and society.

Both new and experienced educators will find new techniques to advance social justice in the classroom. They’ll better recognize the habits and behaviors that reproduce inequities. And they’ll gain the skills to develop and support teaching practices that foster a more equitable classroom learning environment.

Across all offerings, we strive to provide multi-dimensional practice-based professional learning that will better equip teachers and teacher educators to teach for social justice.


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