Hybrid & In-Person Programs

TeachingWorks designs resources and supports educators to enact These programs and events are opportunities for teachers and teacher educators worldwide to engage with TeachingWorks and each other to refine their practice. They provide a more intense and interactive learning experience focused on designing, implementing, and studying practice-based approaches to teacher preparation and development.

Collaborate with other educators from around the world to build skill in teaching for social justice

Our laboratory classes, workshops, institutes, and certificate sequences are designed to help teachers and teacher educators leverage the power of teaching. These professional learning opportunities offer both group and one-on-one opportunities to engage more deeply with TeachingWorks, the high-leverage practices, and our practice-based approaches to teacher education.

Through these workshops, trainings, and coaching sessions, you will learn how to prepare and support teachers to teach content ambitiously and to disrupt patterns of injustice in their schools, classrooms, and districts.

Join us for our current programs and events

These interactive learning opportunities are designed to support teachers and teacher educators as they deepen and refine their professional practice. They are intended to extend and reinforce the skills and knowledge introduced in our online and virtual learning offerings.

Learn from past TeachingWorks events in our archive

Our archive of past events provides a rich resource for educators who are committed to advancing the power of teaching. Videos, articles, and presentations from past events are available to support ongoing and collective work toward practice-based teacher education that has the power to disrupt injustice.


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