Our approach

Through practice-based professional learning opportunities, resources, and collaboration, we help educators cultivate teaching practice that nurtures young people’s learning and actively works to disrupt patterns of injustice.

It’s not enough for teachers and teacher educators to be aware of the patterns of injustice that are often enacted inside of classrooms and that affect the attitudes and aspirations of countless students. Teachers must be prepared to use their practice to disrupt these patterns and create classrooms for justice. 

High-leverage practices

We start with a core set of fundamental teaching capabilities that we call “high-leverage practices.” Across all grade levels, these high-leverage practices help educators identify, understand, and begin to disrupt patterns of injustice in the classroom while teaching complex content and supporting students’ social and emotional development.

Practice-based teacher education pedagogies

We develop instructional activities and routines that help teachers and teacher candidates learn to teach—such as rehearsals, use of video, or field tasks—and that teacher educators, mentors, coaches, and others can use to support and scaffold the development of teachers and teaching practice.

Because fostering authentic relationships with students is central to the work of teaching, we help educators learn powerful methods of learning to communicate, listen, and create respectful connections with children and youth.

Practice-based professional learning

We bring the high-leverage practices and these pedagogies and principles for teacher education and professional learning for teachers to life in workshop settings, virtual environments, and through custom resources tailored for specific challenges in teaching and teacher education.


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