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How do educators actively disrupt the patterns of injustice that permeate classrooms? Our approach is grounded in high-leverage teaching practices, practice-based teacher education, and principles for practice-based professional learning. We make these available to you via video resources, white papers, and our repository of curriculum resources on the TeachingWorks Resource Library.

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The TeachingWorks Resource Library

The TeachingWorks Resource Library is a free, open collection of teacher education resources.

The curriculum resources in the Resource Library are rooted in teaching practice and practice-based teacher education pedagogies and based on research and partnerships with outstanding educators and education researchers across the U.S. and globally. The repository is designed for use by teacher educators in their work with novice teachers. 

We believe that teachers and teacher educators must learn to actively disrupt injustice because teaching and teacher education are not neutral. We offer the resources on this site in support of that work, and will continue to add resources as we develop new ones in partnership with students, teachers, and teacher educators.

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Breaking down the fundamentals of teaching

The heart of the TeachingWorks strategy is to ensure that all teachers have the preparation and support necessary for responsible teaching. We focus on a core set of fundamental capabilities that we call “high-leverage practices.” These practices are used constantly across grade-levels and content areas and are critical to both helping students learn important content and supporting their social and emotional development.


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