K-12 laboratory classes

These interactive learning opportunities allow educators to closely study  the work of teaching while developing specific professional skills. The 2022 Elementary Mathematics laboratory will be held July 25-29 in Ann Arbor, MI. Additional details and registration information is coming soon.

A closer look at teaching practice

The centerpiece of the laboratory classes are live classes of students taught publically by experienced teachers who are members of the TeachingWorks team. This unique structure  makes it possible for participants to watch teaching and learning unfold in real time, and to engage directly in the close study of teaching practice that delves deeply into content and disrupts injustice. This program is designed for educators interested in exploring and developing elementary mathematics teaching that disrupts injustice. 

Our K-12 laboratory classes typically feature TeachingWorks team members teaching mathematics or English language arts to h children enrolled in local K-12 schools. This public teaching makes it possible for participants to observe and closely study teaching and teacher education practice.

“This professional development is different than anything I have ever experienced because it directly impacts the way I come out teaching.”

—Noncy Fields, elementary mathematics laboratory participant teacher

Observe expert instruction

Observe expert instruction

Observers have the rare chance to watch high-quality instruction unfold with children in real-time, as the instructors lead lessons and respond and adapt in the moment to their students.

Engage with public teaching

Engage with public teaching

Public teaching is at the heart of our laboratory classes. Participants start each day with the instructional team in a “pre-brief” session before the class, in which they examine, discuss, and refine the day’s lesson plans and strategies for the instruction. Attendees then observe the instruction in the classroom or remote viewing rooms and reconvene afterward for a debrief and to review student work.

Hone your skills in a collaborative environment

Hone your skills in a collaborative environment

In addition to observing and engaging with public teaching, participants of the laboratory classes also select from a slate of workshops that support and extend the learning of equitable teaching practices. Some focus on the complexities of teaching and learning, while others center on the practices of teacher education, professional development, and school leadership that support teachers’ development.

An event for educators and education advocates

This program is designed for teachers, coaches, administrators, researchers, advocates, and others interested in exploring and developing elementary mathematics teaching that actively seeks to disrupt patterns of injustice.

Location, participation, and logistics

Additional details about logistics and registration for the 2022 EML are coming soon.

Elementary Mathematics Laboratory

Hear from participants—both elementary students and educators—about their experiences in the elementary mathematics laboratory.

U-M Mathlab provides unique opportunity for students and teachers.

This video produced by University of Michigan News Service highlights how the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory gives educators and students a unique opportunity to learn new skills about learning and teaching mathematics. 


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