Action for change

TeachingWorks works closely with others who share our passion for advancing the power of teaching or who work to improve the conditions of public education and the lives of children.



Collective work

Each member of the TeachingWorks team has a deep commitment to collective work borne out of the conviction that a more just society depends on collaborative networks of people who contribute complementary and powerful expertise. We strive to go beyond programs and coursework and work in solidarity with those who pursue justice in far-reaching ways.


How we drive action

Working in close collaboration with outside partners who share our belief in the power of equity and social justice in teaching and teacher education, we strive to spark positive change. Our team actively pursues a variety of actions including: •Partnerships and affiliations •Conference sponsorships •Funding efforts •Digital allyship Collectively, we call these efforts “Action for Change.” We are continually looking for like-minded partners to support. Please contact us at to discuss your initiative.


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